Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Disney Movies Now For iOS Devices

Walt disney Studio has released a movie streaming application for iOS devices called Disney Movies anywhere. Users can watch HD quality Disney, Marvel and Pixar movies through This app contains a huge catalogue where users can choose to buy and download a specific movie in one go.

The app has only been released for iOS users, thus, it is supported by iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Walt disney studios have not confirmed about the availability of Disney Movies anywhere for Android OS devices yet.

Users will be getting digital copies of Disney, Marvel and Pixar movies that are on DVD and Blu Ray that will only work after entering the code that is given on the packaging.

To entice people, Walt Disney Studio is also providing with free package of “The Incredibles” that they can watch anywhere and anytime.

This app actually contains all the old classic and latest disney, pixar and Marvel movies at one place. This makes easier for people to watch, download as well as buy disney movies.

There are decent parental controls over the app, thus, users can be rest assured about the videos their child is watching.

Well the good news is that now Disney Movies Anywhere is now available for Android OS users on Google Play store.  

Disney Movies Anywhere Is Not Only Option To Watch Disney Films Like Terrarium TV

It is indeed, a beautiful application, not only for kids but also for teenagers. Imagine If you could watch your favorite Disney movies on your smartphone or tablets anywhere and anytime. It is quite an attractive application for parents too.

Now users can find latest Disney, Pixar and Marvel movies available on his app. Disney movie app is alone one application that provides you with eligible rewards with every eligible purchase. Users can build there own movie library in the app watched and unwatched.

Well, to entice people, this application is supported by more than 14 languages like English, French, German, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese and many more. Its High Definition quality can actually make you go mad.

Though, there are some problem arising with this application in some specific smartphones, we cannot ignore that this is one of the best app till now. Therefore, these problems should not deter you from installing this application on your phone.

Friday, 22 April 2016

You have vidmate app in your Mobile & PC?

Vidmate is a media download app for mobile & Pc users. Install in your  device and downloading unlimited media in your device.

Download link:

Monday, 4 April 2016

Use Shareit to Speed Up the Transfer Data from Mobile

SHAREit is a wholesome app that is replete with fun and functionality. It feels good when you are catered an app that boasts exciting new features optimized for your need.

Lenovo is an amazing company. It is a technology giant, with laptops and Android smartphones already in the market, gathering tons of satisfied customers every year. Lenovo owns SHAREit too, so you can be sure it is already a winning deal to get this app.

SHAREit 2.0 comes with a host of features that are bound to make you a winning deal. The app shares your files with all sorts of devices, whether Android, iOS or Windows. The app will do it quickly too!
SHAREit free download is available on its website. SHAREit for PC free download is a reality; don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise. The app is not very heavy, plus there is no need for an emulator or any other messy software configuration.

What’s amazing about the app? SHAREit app makes for easy transfer of files between any two devices. The app is quick. As a bonus, it is customizable too. The app doesn’t require you to download emulators to run it on windows, nor does it need you to get some extra cash handy to pay for more internet for using this app. The app is totally and completely free, including in its operation.

SHAREit is a revolutionary app. The app does have some shortcomings though. The app is a lot more looks oriented than I expected. I could have always forgiven that, but there was a pertinent problem where my device wouldn’t detect my friend’s device. What’s the use of an app when it doesn’t detect devices with the app installed?

The problem was generally easy to solve though. It was usually resolved when my friend shared something with me. It was inconvenient but it worked. SHAREit could work on this problem. Aart from this one bug, the app is a pleasure to use.

Perhaps the best thing about the app is the avatars you get to put up as your pictures. The eight fruit icons are all cute (though I love the grapes the most). Plus you can give your device really quirky names. Like MrRedRadish (which is mine, by the way). The app has visibly put in a lot of effort to becoming the best. I don’t believe any app beats this WiFi File Transfer app whether in utility or in fun quotient.

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Downloading Popcorn time for Windows, iOS and Android

 Popcorn Time is the popular application to stream movies online. We have seen plenty of applications that provide such service. But Popcorn Time comes on the top when we talk about online streaming of the movies. 

You can watch latest movies and TV shows for free of cost using the application. It is the perfect combo of torrent and streaming technology. You can even watch movies offline using the Popcorn Time. Because of torrent technology, a movie will be downloaded for offline streaming.

This application  can be installed on multiple platforms. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows.
In this post, you will come to know how to install it on various platforms.

Download Popcorn Time Android:

·         Follow the simple steps written below:
      First of all, go to Settings>Privacy>Unknown Sources and enable “Allow Unknown Sources”.
      Then download the application APK from trusted source.
      Once the download is complete, just open the file from downloaded directory.
      By clicking upon the APK, an installation will get a start.

Download Popcorn Time iOS:

Here are the essential steps:
      Connect the device with PC.
      Itunes must be installed on the PC and iOS device.
      Sync the device with iTunes using PC.
      Open up the iOS installer for Popcorn Time.
      Tap on the “Trust”.
      Now turn on Airplane Mode.
      Now let the installation complete.
      Again tap on “Trust” in order to use the application for the first time.

Download Popcorn Time PC:

Here are the steps needed:
      First of all, install BlueStacks on the PC.
      Download the Popcorn Time APK on the PC.
      Once BlueStacks is installed completely. Open up the APK file suing the emulator.
      APK will get installed on the emulator without any difficulty.
      Now enjoy your favorite movies using the Popcorn Time!